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This event is running from 18 December 2018 until 17 December 2019. It is next occurring on December 17, 2019 6:00 am

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Spay and Neuter clinic in partnership with Mountain View Humane from Christiansburg.  We will be meeting between 6 and 6:30 am at Hillcrest Baptist Church in Galax. That is the old Lowe’s Foods building on Hwy 89 between Hortons and Tastee Freeze. The animals will return from their surgeries around 5:30 pm the same day!
Animals as young as 8 weeks may be spayed or neutered, but please feel free to ask Jen any questions when you call to schedule. She may be reached at 276-237-0346 and she must be called or texted in order to be scheduled.
Prices are as follows:
Female dogs to 60 pounds is $50
Female dogs 61-89 pounds is $65
Female dogs over 90 pounds is $85
Male dogs to 60 pounds is $45
Male dogs 61-89 pounds is $60
Male dogs over 90 pounds is $80
Female cats are $35
Male cats are $30
Rabies vaccines are required by law, and if proof is not provided at time of check in, cost $15.
All cats must come in a plastic carrier.
Other vaccinations, dewormer, testing, microchipping, etc can also be done at the same time as the surgery for an additional fee.
Spaying and neutering your pets or those that you feed greatly reduces the amount that are turned in to the shelters each year. The first step in rescue begins with stopping overpopulation, and we thank each and every one of you that have these surgeries done.

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